Chapters and Subchapters

GitBook uses a file to define the structure of chapters and subchapters of the book. The file is used to generate the book's table of contents.

The's format is simply a list of links, the name of the link is used as the chapter's name, and the target is a path to that chapter's file.

Subchapters are defined simply by adding a nested list to a parent chapter.

Simple example

# Summary

* [Chapter 1](
* [Chapter 2](
* [Chapter 3](

Example with subchapters split into parts

# Summary

* [Part I](part1/
    * [Writing is nice](part1/
    * [GitBook is nice](part1/
* [Part II](part2/
    * [We love feedback](part2/
    * [Better tools for authors](part2/