Searching GitBook

You can use our powerful search tools to find what you're looking for among thousands of books on GitBook.

When searching GitBook, you can construct queries that match specific numbers and words.

Search by text

By default, GitBook search books associated with the keywords from the query. For example javascript angular will return all the books that contain the word "javascript" and "angular"

Exclude results containing a certain word

You can also narrow your search results by excluding words with the NOT syntax. Searching for Hello returns a massive number of "Hello World" projects, but changing your search to include hello NOT world returns fewer results.

Query for specific field values

You can filter books by including only books with a specific field value. For example: license:apache-2 returns the list of books with the Apache 2 license.

Query for values less/greater than another value

You can use > or >= to indicate "greater than" and "greater than or equal to," respectively. For example, the following search queries are equivalent: cats stars:">10" and cats stars:">= 11"

You can use < and <= to indicate "less than" and "less than or equal to," respectively.